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    Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser for massive use. With contactless technology.

    Vörunúmer: MHIG131 Flokkur:


    – The dose is administered by a sensor that detects the hand in position.
    – hydroalcoholic gel autonomy: up to 50.000 doses per each 5L drum. (** depends on the density of the hydroalcoholic gel and dose).
    – Large capacity: it houses two 5-liter drums inside (drums not connected each other, the pump acts on one of them). Once the first
    drum (5L) has been emptied, the suction hose must be changed manually to the second drum (5L). This operation takes a few
    seconds and it is very simple. (**drums not included).
    – The hydroalcoholic gel dose is regulated by a potentiometer. From 0.10ml to 3ml (** depends on the density of the hydroalcoholic gel).
    – Power supply: 12VDC rechargeable battery and plugged in (110V-240V AC). Includes charger (no electrical installation required).
    – Battery autonomy: up to 100.000 doses (depending on usage). It incorporates low energy consumption technology to maximize autonomy.
    – It incorporates a led with indicator: switched on or low battery.
    · Green light : switched on
    · Red light: low battery (recharge battery required)
    – Hygienic and clean. The dispenser has a removable 650ml liquid retention tray and an anti-drip dosing nozzle.
    – It offers maximum tightness of the hydroalcoholic gel stored in the drum, thanks to the configuration of the suction sleeve.
    – It has a pump-priming to facilitate filling the circuit at initial power-up or when changing the drum.
    – It has a lockable rear door to access the drums, battery, potentiometer, pump-priming and general ignition switch.
    – Movable. It incorporates wheels to be able to be moved and placed where necessary.
    – Self-supporting. The dispenser can be placed free standing on the floor, (without having to be anchored). If you want to fix it to
    the ground, the base has holes to fix it with screws (not included).
    – Customizable by vinyl.
    – Valid only for indoor use.
    – Body made of 1,5 mm galvanized steel plates, with inner elements of 1 and 3 mm of thickness. With thermo-heating polyester
    powder coated finish. Dispensing area made of 0,8 mm stainless steel plates.
    – Peristaltic pump with special technical tube (long-life) for conducting fluids that exceeds up to 30 times the duration of
    conventional silicone tubes. Dosing nozzle made of stainless steel & polymer.
    – Indicated for commercial hydroalcoholic gels, which do not contain abrasives or solid components.
    – Functionality and reliability tested: this product has successfully passed mass use hard tests.
    – Made in Spain.
    – Patented Product.