Molok djúpgámarMolok djúpgámar
Molok djúpgámar
Molok djúpgámar

84.900 kr. án/vsk

MolokClassic containers are suitable everywhere you need guaranteed effective waste collection. Molok products are trusted in thousands of:

  • residential areas
  • schools, kindergartens, hospitals and hotels
  • recycling and regional collection points
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • ports, beaches, rest areas, cemeteries and campsites
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The Molok round classic model has been part of the Finnish landscape for more than a quarter of a century. It combines timeless design, high quality and functionality. Long experience has shown that the MolokClassic container is suitable for a wide variety of environments and locations.


  • Diameter of 170 cm, surface reservoir
  • Suitable for mixed waste, metal and glass recycling
  • Can be divided for two types of wastes, such as glass and metal